Everything About Peugeot Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been around for longer than people think. Yet there’s
Only a small proportion of people that own one. As Fuel prices continue to
rise and our carbon footprint increases EV’s could be the future.

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Car Buying Tips

Picking the right car for you or your family involves not just financial consideration but features and safety as well. Here we share some of our top vehicle buying tips.

Petrol and Diesel Cars

A car powered by gas or petrol comes equipped with a fuel tank that supplied gas to the engine. Here we look at the pros and cons of choosing a vehicle.

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History of EV's

While a lot of people think that EV's are a relatively new discovery, we bet you didn't know that the EV has been present for almost two centuries.

Top EV’s by Peugeot

Cars are people’s livelihood; on the other hand ecological affects people lives. That is the reason why Peugeot made a wide range of cars. These state of the art electric cars feature state of the art technologies which make it simple to get around cities and towns, while letting people to be nicer to the environment. EV’s are made to give the technology as well as performance of standard cars, while minimising the effect on our environment.

Peugeot iOn

It is the latest electric car manufactures by Peugeot iOn, which provides comfort, style and practicality in a handy package. This is a small peugeot vehicle that utilises state of the art lithium ion battery to give the best performance. Worry no more about carbon emission either, because there is none. From a 9 hour charge, you will get ninety three miles of driving; making this is a perfect buddy for urban life.
Another good reason why Peugeot iOn is one of the most sought after electric today are:

  • It has compact Peugot engine size
  • Completely recharged in only 7 hours
  • No CO2 emission when driving and most of all no road tax

Peugeot BB1

Inspired by the agility of the scooter, clever employ of space as well as the expediency of an auto, the BB1 is a four sitter concept car that has turning circle of about 3.5 m as well as a 100 percent electric motor. BB1 has a concept that is really exceptional.

There’s no pedal board, therefore the driving spot is vertical, with both front seat and back seat passengers. It has dual rear wheel drive that has been made along with Michelin motors and an extremely lightweight frame. The newest generation of batteries make sure an expedient range of 74.5 m and has a startup time of 0 to 18 mph in just 2.8 seconds.


This model was made in year 2010 to assist the company celebrate their anniversary. This is a futuristic dual seater roadster with a unique, water droplet shape. It comes with a tight fitting rear tailgate as well as close rear wheels that provide superb distribution of weight, and its single shell construction is made using carbon honeycomb composite for additional strength. It comes with amazing aerodynamic that come from low centre of gravity. The 2 motors provide it 250kW/340 bhp as well as the power to surpass 1G acceleration.

Peugeot Partners

Van is also on hand in Peugeot cars ranges, and the latest development is the Peugeot partner electric. This state of the art van comes equipped with state of the art features such as economic engine that could reach a charge of 80 percent in only 35 minutes. It has 3.3 m storage area. Due to the state of the art features of this van, it makes this van the best and ideal for past paced trade world.

Listed above are just some of the best cars made by Peugeot Company. Owning one will surely give you lots of benefits.

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