History of Electric Vehicles

History of Electric Vehicles

While a lot of people think the electric vehicles are a relatively new discovery, the EV or electric vehicle has been present for almost two centuries. The first electric vehicle dates back to the year 1830s. Many various models were made across America and Europe. Many versions of electric vehicles were made as batteries enhanced. In year 1880, France and United Kingdom supported major growth and expansion of electric cars. The fastest electric vehicles that clocked at 100 kilometres per hour were invented at Belgium by Camille Jenatzy. Switzerland that lacked the resources of natural fossil also supported the electrification on its railway system, lessening its dependence on foreign resource and aiding to advance technology even further.

Electric Vehicles in America

In United States of America, the first EV wasn’t developed till the late 1800s. The first electric vehicle made was a wagon which held up to 6 passengers. A.L Ryker and William Morrison made this car, and it is well thought out to be the first practical electric car. Developments in electric vehicles, rapidly improved by the early 1900s, by the turn of the century, United States was relatively prosperous, and cars of all types were turning out to be more common. The first electric combustion and motor engine was developed in 1916. These cars had a benefit over their competitors for many good reasons. They are not noisy, and they didn’t have the smell as well as vibration related with gar-powered cars.

The Rise of Gasoline

Electric vehicles relatively thriving in the US through the year 1920, on the other hand, by the early 1930 gasoline had started to dominate the market of cars. With the invention of crude oil in Texas and Oklahoma and the advancement of the enhanced road infrastructure in United States, gas powered cars became more popular as well as affordable. Aside from that, they can also travel farther and faster than their competitors. By the late 1930s, American electric vehicles had practically disappeared.

The Clean Air Law & the increase Electric Cars

By the year 1960s and year 1970s, the idea of alternative fuelled cars as well as foreign independence turn out to be more popular. On the other hand, there wasn’t much on hand on the market till the years 1990s. With clean air law being passed by US government, a couple of major car builders started announcing that they will be introducing a number of electric cars models into their lineup. Meanwhile the early 2000s, interest in EV as well as hybrid cars has augmented. Car makers have gradually been moving away from gas or fuel inefficient cars.

Current Progress of Electric Vehicle Technology

Since the last part of 2000s, a lot of car makers have been presenting entirely electric vehicles. Because of the increase in the expense of gas as well as the growing awareness of the value of ecological consciousness, electric vehicles have become for more common, and it’s likely that they will become more common in the coming years. Today, there are lots of electric vehicles all over the world. In fact a lot of country supports this due to the threat of global warming.